Sweet Factory Events is a new and easy way to have a great Pick’n’Mix experience at your event.

You can pick packages by events, number of people or price. Alternatively you can simple go to Shop Pick the sweets you want and have them delivered.

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Our stand comes complete with delivery, set up, sweets, scoops, bags and collected at your convenience.

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Sweet Units

Our sweet units are perfect for your corporate, birthday or wedding event. Our Event package includes: 

 20 or 24 different sweets                                         200 Bags & scoops                                           Delivery, set up and collected


Simply book your event then purchase the stand you want.

1. Book your Pick'n'Mix Unit

Book your Sweet Factory Unit!



2. Pay for your Pick'n'Mix Unit

Birthday Packages

€110   €99

Save 10%

€176.70   €155.50

Save 12%

Yes, we can supply everything you need for your event. You can order as little or as many sweets as you need. We can also supply bags and scoops.

If your trying to decide how much Kg of sweets you need for a specific number of people, check out our table below. The orange column is the amount of sweets per person we would recommend. 

Yes, we do free delivery for orders over €100.

Delivery usually takes 3-5 days. If there is a delay or we are out of stock on an item, we will email you directly.