Interested in Pick’n’Mix in your store?

We are Irelands leading Pick’n’Mix Suppliers

With nearly 25 years of experience. We have one of the largest range of sweets available. With over 90 different sweets imported from several different countries around the world.



We provide a full merchandising service of our stands. This includes regular site visits, cleaning and refill the display stand, replace broken parts and submit orders to head office. 


You benefit from over 25 years experience in Pick’n’Mix in Ireland. As well as wholesale we also has the experience of retail units in some of Irelands biggest shopping centres.

Marketing Analysis

Sweets are supplied at one cost price, per KG. Sweets are delivered in 2kg-3KG boxes. We supply three different size bar coded cups or bags. With our recommended prices your business can benefit from a 37% 47% gross profit margin.. 


Our Stands



Our new compact stand is perfect for any checkout or end of aisle space. at just 70cm wide, it can offer 20-24 varieties of sweets and four different types of packaging, bags, 16oz cups, 12oz cups and 10 oz cups.


If you would like more information or want to order a pick’n’mix unit for your store, simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you right away.