Our Top 20 of 2016!

Ever wondered what is the Sweet Factory’s most popular sweets? Well at the end of last year we decided to see which was our top 20 sweets. We looked at all our units including our retail stores in Heuston Station, Stephens Green Shopping Centre and MacDonagh Junction in Kilkenny, as well as our wholesale units in places like Diamond Cinema Navan, The Reel Pictures Cork, The Gate Cinemas Cork and many more. Below is the list our the top 20 most popular sweets of last year.


1.Mini Milk Chocolate Eggs

2.Yellow Belly Snakes

3. Giant Strawberry Cables

4. Giant Strawberries

5. Crispy Bite

6. Vanilla Fudge

7. Jelly Babies

8. Gourmet Jelly Beans

9. Milk Teeth

10. Fizzy Cola Bottles

11. Sour Blue Raspberry

12. Milk Chocolate Beanies

13. Fizzy Bubble Bottles

14. Giant Apple Cables

15. Milk Chocolate Brazils

16. Pink & White Mice

17. Giant Cola Bottles

18. Red Metre

19. New Refresher Chews

20. Strawberry Bonbons