Out of Stock Sweets

Occasionally we run out of stock on certain sweets for the Pick’n’Mix bags. If you order a sweet that is out of stock, we will replace it with something similar or add more of another sweet. We will update this page with any out of stock sweets. 

My Mix Share Bag, Gift Box, Mega Jar, My Mix Mini

  • Giant Strawberry Cables
  • Fried Eggs
  • Baby Dolphins
  • Cola Bottles
  • Bubblegum Cables
  • abc letters
  • american hard gun
  • liquorice allsorts

My Mix Vegan Share Bag, Vegan Gift Box, Vegan Mega Jar, My Mix Vegan Mini

  • All sweets are available.

The Fudge Bag

  • Smarties Fudge