Father’s Day Bag 800g


You Pick, We Mix! With our 800g My Mix Share Bag you can select up to 16 of your favourite Pick’n’Mix sweets from over 60 varieties including jellies, fizzies, chocolates, boiled sweets, fudge and more. Please check our Out of Stock section below incase you’ve selected a sweet we don’t currently have. All Gluten Free sweets are marked GF.

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  • Choose up to 16 different varieties
    GF - Guten Free
    • 3.99 €

    Please allow 2-3 days extra for personalised bags.

    • Tutti Fruiti Cubes
    • Fizzy Chips
    • Candy Necklaces
    • Giant Snowies
    • Giant Jazzies
    • Baby Dolphins
    • Bumper Bananas
    • Apple Bonbons
    • Wine Gums

    If you have picked a sweet thats out of stock, please make another selection.

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Please check our Out of Stock section above to ensure we have the sweets you selected. If you’ve picked a sweet which we don’t currently have, we will replace it with something similar or add more of other sweets.

Weight1 kg

For ingredients please see individual sweet product page.

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