Fizzy Vegan Share Bag 800g


Our Fizzy Vegan Share Bag is a mixture of 18 delicious fizzy vegan sweets including:
American Hard Gums, Apple Belts, Candy Shocks, Fizzy Blue Babies, Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles, Fizzy Cherry Cola, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Fizzy Dummies, Fizzy Cola Dummies, Fizzy Dracula Teeth, Fizzy Strawberries, Fizzy Tongues, Fizzy Teddy Bears, Orange & Lemon Slices, Peach Rings, Sour Apples, Sour Melon Slices, Sour Twin Cherries, Sour Tropical Dummies, Sour Watermelon Dummies and Flying Saucers.
Sweet selection depends on availability
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Vegan, Vegetarian